Kurtuluş Parkı (Salvation Park)

Kurtuluş Parkı (Salvation Park)

Kurtuluş Parkı (Salvation Park)

Kurtuluş Parkı, one of the most popular parks in Ankara, is located in the Fidanlık District. The park, which takes its name from the Kurtuluş Neighborhood, has an intense activity and event potential that would not be expected from any park. The park has managed to attract people of all ages and has been a favorite of the city every semester since its opening. It is not known exactly when the Kurtuluş Park was opened. The walking and running tracks, which have a special floor within the park, are always of interest. On the other hand, there is also an interesting skating rink here. The place, which is thought to have been on its way since the early years of the Republic, occupies a total area of 110 thousand square meters. The park, which consists of green areas and trees, becomes more valuable to Ankara as it becomes more concrete. Playing table tennis in Kurtuluş Park has become a culture. There are a lot of table tennis tables lined up side by side in the park. One of the favorite parts of Salvation Park is the ice rink. Those interested in ice skating are here as participants or spectators. The venue is known fully as ‘Ataturk ice skating sports facilities’. The ice rink and football field are opposite to each other. The ice rink sometimes functions as a wedding hall, especially during the summer months. There are no suitable areas for running or walking, especially in the vicinity of the park. For this reason, the local people who want to run or walk from the early hours of the morning consider Kurtuluş Park as the only option. Salvation Park has a lovely pool around which you can sit and relax. Apart from the skateboarding and skating rinks, creative play areas dedicated to children are highly acclaimed. This situation allows families with children to choose this place.

Kurtuluş Parkı (Salvation Park)Kurtuluş Parkı (Salvation Park)Kurtuluş Parkı (Salvation Park)Kurtuluş Parkı (Salvation Park)


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    Her mevsim güzel olsa da benim için sonbahar bir başka olan, sabahları kuş cıvıltıları eşliğinde kahvenizi yudumlayacağınız nezih bir park


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