Kurtboğazı Dam

Kurtboğazı Dam

Kurtboğazı Dam

The construction of Kurtboğazı Dam was started in 1963 and completed in 1967. The dam, which has a total water capacity of 92 million cubic meters, is fed by large and small streams such as Bostan, Pazar,Bahtılı, Bahtılı, Iğmir. Today, Kurtboğazı Dam is flooded by nature and sports lovers. The area around the dam is ideal for many activities. It is especially seen that various groups prefer this place for trekking. Long walking areas allow you to explore the environment and get fresh air in the process. The footpaths that you will come across from place to place make this activity even better. On the other hand, this place is always attracted to adventurous people who like camping. Many people who want to enjoy the beautiful weather, especially in the summer, create campgrounds here. Kurtboğazı Dam, located in Kazan region, meets Ankara's water needs to a certain extent. There are artificial afforestation at certain points around the dam. However, the natural green areas will satisfy you. You may encounter people fishing in certain parts of the dam. Picnic tables are also placed in many places. It is located 2 kilometers between the dam and promenade areas. The climate here is generally harsh. Although it is considered as ideal for the summer months, camping around the dam in other months poses a risk. You should choose Kızılcahamam buses to provide transportation to Kurtboğazı Dam, which is approximately 60 km from Ankara Center. After getting off the buses, you can reach the camp sites around the dam on foot for about 20-25 minutes.

Kurtboğazı DamKurtboğazı Dam


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    Giriş ücretsiz. Mangal yakılacak yer mevcut. Hazırlıklı gelinmesi gerekir. Market bulunmamaktadır.çocuk oyun parkı mescit vardır.

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    Manzarası ve temiz havasıyla içinizi rahatlatıyor.


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