Kesikköprü Dam Lake

Kesikköprü Dam Lake

Kesikköprü Dam Lake

When you arrive in Ankara, Kesikköprü Dam Lake will appeal to you if you want to visit a natural beauty that acts as an oxygen tank. Rated as multi-purpose, this particular lake appeals to anyone interested in nature and sport in particular. Throughout the year, this place is used actively for various activities. Kesikköprü Dam Lake, which is one of the places of interest to the local people in Ankara, has an average depth of 30 meters. It is possible to experience all kinds of activities in this lake, from diving sports to surfing or skiing. If you turn to Bala after taking the road towards Gölbaşı, you may encounter the guidance signs for Kesikköprü Dam Lake. Some municipality-owned facilities stand out in the coastal section of the lake. The lake is located approximately 70 kilometers from Ankara city center and is very close to Beynam Forest. When you come here in the summer,you are highly likely to see people swimming. This particular dam lake has no bottom slime. The temperature of the water reaches 19-20 degrees in summer. The surrounding area of the lake, where there are large wooded areas in certain sections, fills you with peace. If you plan to visit the lake in the summer, you should definitely take a sun umbrella. Near the lake, there is a municipal buffet. Here you can find some highlights to match your needs. Kesikköprü Dam Lake in Bala District of Ankara plays an important role both in terms of irrigation and energy. The height of this dam, which has been active since 1966, reaches approximately 50 meters from the stream bed. It offers irrigation services to a total area of 11 thousand square meters. Thanks to its high power capacity, it generates 250 GWh of electrical energy per year.

Kesikköprü Dam LakeKesikköprü Dam LakeKesikköprü Dam LakeKesikköprü Dam Lake


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