Karagöl, one of the most visited places not only in Ankara but also in Central Anatolia, is essentially a crater lake. Karagöl is located between Çubuk and Kızılcahamam Districts. This place looks like a small lake at first glance, but its depth is amazing. Located at the foot of Mount Yildirim, the lake is in the shadow of an area covered with forests. There is a suitable ground for sport around it. It also gathers great interest in highlands worth exploring. Since the awareness of the lake has increased recently, many people prefer to camp around the lake. In this sense, accommodation options around the lake and places where local products are sold increase. The lake is located 65 kilometers away from Ankara and has important facilities. You can get access to Karagöl by public transport both from Ankara Center and Çubuk District. When you come to Karagöl, you will have the chance to visit the natural places in the immediate vicinity, such as the Kışlacık Plateau, Aydost Mountain or the Bear Head(Ayı Kafası). The area of Karagöl is usually covered with a large forest of pine trees or mountain poplars. The unity of both the lake and the forest makes this place a natural beauty. Karagöl is also a region mentioned in The Legend of Tantalos. When you come here, you may encounter a variety of tables for a picnic in the woodland. It is ideal for people who are interested in nature as well as hiking and various sports. Karagöl was recently registered as a ’Natural Park'. Annual visitor potential is around 20 thousand. You can find many of your needs in the facilities around the lake. Those who come to the lake with their private vehicles can use the parking lots here. The right to operate the facilities today belongs to the municipality of Çubuk. There is a driving distance of about 28 kilometers between the center of Çubuk Township and the lake.



  • ezgicam
    26.09.2022 08:00

    Ankara'ya hiç de uzak sayılmayacak bir mesafede güzel,serin,huzurlu bir park.Yerler ayağınızın çamura bulandığı zamanlara nispet , sımsıkı taşlarla döşenmiş.

  • zeynpbalcii
    27.07.2022 07:34

    Ankara'ya biraz uzak olan doğayla iç içe olan, mescidi, lavaboları, büfesi olan piknik yapmak için harika bir park

  • huseyinatess
    18.07.2022 08:25

    Sessiz sakin piknik yapıp yeşillikler içerisinde keyiflice vakit geçirebilirsiniz manzarasıda çok güzel 👍🏼


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