Kalecik Castle

Kalecik Castle

Kalecik Castle

Located approximately 79 kilometers from Ankara city center, Kalecik Castle dates back to the Byzantine period. The historic castle, located exactly on the Çankırı road, has an impressive view of the city. Reflecting the historical atmosphere of the region, Kalecik Castle is also very close to other historical sites and is therefore always included in tour companies' sightseeing programmes. Kalecik is an old neighborhood of Araklı District. Although it is situated in an impressive position overlooking the sea, the region has been somewhat disinterested recently. This is a region that has been used very actively for the Genoese in the past, especially because of the maritime trade. This castle is built against attacks from the sea. Kalecik Castle, which is also adjacent to some villages with tourist value, sits on a large rock mass. Therefore, it has a rather harsh and impressive appearance. It is possible to find significant traces of masonry from that period around the castle. Kalecik Beach, which is of great interest in the summer months, is in the lower part of this castle. The presence of the beach and the castle allows this historic neighborhood to be revived and somehow survive. Kalecik Castle is built by Bursa Tekfuru(Feudal Landlord) personally as a dowry for her daughter. At least this information is in the travelogue of Evliya Çelebi. It is mentioned that the Fricians also lived in this region before ad. After it fell into the hands of the Ottomans, it made a reputation as “Little Egypt”. Although the castle is essentially located at a very steep point, it is possible to get out by car. You can go up to the inner parts of the castle with your private car and examine the castle much more closely. There are no informative signs on the castle. It stands out as a rather small castle compared to other castles in the city.

Kalecik CastleKalecik CastleKalecik CastleKalecik Castle


  • ardacetinkaya
    05.10.2022 07:51

    Kalecik Ankara nın en eski ilçelerinden biridir araştırma ya açık olmakla birlikte ankara dan da eskidir. Şirin köy kent havasında şirin bir ilçe. İsmini aldığı kalesi şehrin en önemli simgesi. Kalecik çöreği dünyaca ünlü kalecik karası üzümü kendine has özellikleri ile kalecik ayvası ilçenin bir kaç özelliğidir.

  • silapamuk
    04.11.2022 11:03

    Kaleciğe gittiğinizde mutlaka uğrayın bence. Yolu biraz yokuş ama manzarası çok iyidir.


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