Julien Column

Julien Column

Julien Column

The Julien Column, a Roman column of 15 meters in height in Ankara, is one of the indispensable points of history enthusiasts who come to Altindag District. Almost all details of the Juliet Column, including the year of construction, are known with certainty. Built in 362 BC to honor the visit made to the region by the Roman Emperor Julianus Apostata, the building is also referred as one of the most aesthetic works of the Roman period in Ankara. The column is also mentioned as one of the rare names passed from Christianity to the Oolytheistic Pagan religion in the history of Apostata, who was able to make an empire for only 19 months and 15 days after being killed with a spear during a war. The Juliet Column; the body part on the square-shaped pedestal appears to be one piece, but consists of white stones lined up on top of each other in grooved rings. In the column without any inscriptions, the head section decorated with leaf shapes draws attention as the section containing the most aesthetic elements. Finally, it is worth noting that the Jülien Column, which was restored in 2001 and is located in an easily accessible point of Ankara, is also popularly known as Belkis Minaret.

Julien ColumnJulien ColumnJulien ColumnJulien Column


  • ardacetinkaya
    05.10.2022 07:36

    Julianus Sütunu Defterdarlık ve valilik binası arasındaki havuzun kenarında bulunmaktadır. Hiçbir yazıtı yoktur. Gövdesinde birçok halka olup, yüksekliği on beş metre kadardır. Sütunun İmparator Julianus' un (M.S. 361 - 363) Ankara'dan geçtiğinde şerefine dikildiği söylenir. IV. yüzyılda yapıldığı sanılan esere halk arasında Belkıs Minaresi de denilmektedir.


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