Ismet Inönü Park

Ismet Inönü Park

Ismet Inönü Park

Many works are made in order to keep the memory of Ismet Inönü alive and to keep the sacrifices he made for the Republic of Turkey alive in memory. The houses where he resides in Izmir and Ankara are converted into museums. In some cities the streets, schools, parks, squares for which it is named are noteworthy. Ismet Inönü, who was revered during the years of the resistance especially with Atatürk, was the first prime minister of Turkey. The park, built in its name in Ankara, is a place worth seeing in every sense. There is a ceremonial area at the entrance of Ismet Inönü Park. This area welcomes visitors to the park. Apart from the central square, there is a large cafeteria, again a large ornamental pool, as well as a bicycle and vehicle path. Many of these sections are included in the regeneration process of Ismet Inönü Park. It is planned to include one Çankaya house here soon after. The Çankaya House is thought to cover a total area of 250 square meters. The biological ponds that were previously applied in Ahlatlıbel Atatürk Park also increase the attraction of this place. These biological ponds are both aesthetically impressive and have the ability to remain clean by refining their own water. Ismet Inönü Park is of great interest especially in the spring and summer months. The park, which is one of the favorite places of the people of Ankara, is a great option for hiking and fresh air. Due to the children's play areas, this place is also among the favorite places for families with children. Ismet Inönü Park is located in the unity quarter of Çankaya district. The most interesting part of the park is undoubtedly the Lausanne Victory Monument. The park, named after Ismet Inönü, who was prominent as the hero of the Lausanne treaty, is almost integrated with this monument. You can easily reach the park in the city centre by public transport.

Ismet Inönü ParkIsmet Inönü ParkIsmet Inönü ParkIsmet Inönü Park


  • cemmelih
    27.10.2022 07:37

    Gayet temiz,güzel, her zaman gidip dinlenebileceğiniz, nefes alabileceğiniz bir park.Tavsiye ederim.


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