Museum Of Cartography

Museum Of Cartography

Museum Of Cartography

The Museum of Cartography, one of the meritorious museums of Ankara, serves under the Ministry of National Defense. Located in the Cebeci District, it is classified as a kind of Military Museum and the museum is located exactly inside the Central Barracks. The Museum of Cartography opened on May 2, 1971. This important museum, established within the scope of Map Technical High School, contains many old materials except relief map samples. Seven years after the museum opens, a gallery of paintings is added here. In 1987, with the inclusion of additional materials, the attraction of the museum was greatly increased. All repairs and arrangements continue for three years. In 1990, it was opened again under the administrative building belonging to the General Directorate of Maps. The Cartography Museum, which was moved to the area it serves today in 1994, is divided into five separate sections within itself. A total of 627 individual materials are found within the museum today. Military diplomas, family albums, Knight insignia and personal items are displayed in the section dedicated to Lieutenant General Mehmet Şevki Ömer. In the historical Relief Map section, you can witness relief maps created by manual labor. These maps were created with resin or wood materials. In the 'historical paper maps' section you can follow the traces of modern cartography of Turkey. The map of Sakarya, which had an important share in winning the war in a short time, is exhibited in this area. This map is only known to have been created in as little as 20 days. In the section called Tools Department, all kinds of technical materials used in the field of cartography are shared, starting from 1885 until today. Apart from all these, the Department of Painting Gallery is also of great interest within the Museum of Cartography. You can also see that 22 different works made by military painters have been exhibited. Except Monday, Sunday and Saturday, the Museum of cartography is open to visitors on the rest of the days.

Museum Of CartographyMuseum Of CartographyMuseum Of CartographyMuseum Of Cartography


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