Güven Park (Security) Monument

Güven Park (Security) Monument

Güven Park (Security) Monument

The Security Monument, located in the Kızılay district of Ankara, was built in 1935. In its construction, Ankara stone is used to a large extent. The monument gets this name because it is attributed to the police and gendarmerie. There are statues of mighty Turkish youth with sticks in their hands on the part facing the Red Crescent of the Security Monument located in the Güven Park area. The stick here symbolizes trust.

At the bottom of the statues, Atatürk's words "Turkish, Meal, Work, Trust" are placed. This quote is in bronze letters. There are some reliefs reflecting the aid provided to the people by the police on the right and the gendarmerie on the left. In the section of the Security Monument facing the Ministries, the friends of the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who acted together in the struggle for liberation, are featured. In the lower part of the statues, the year 1935, which is the date of the monument, is written in Roman numerals.

The Security Monument is among the first public buildings of the Republic period. An Austrian architect designed both the monument and its surroundings. Sculptures from that period take place in a foundry in Vienna. The Victory Monument in Ulus Square can be given as an example of this. However, despite this, the reliefs on the pedestal are made in Ankara. Mamak stone is preferred for the base. Apart from some students, various Turkish masters worked in the formation of the monument. The bronze figures of the monument, whose pedestal section is 37 meters in total, reaches up to 6 meters.

The Security Monument is also referred to as 'Güvenpark' in some sources. The architect of Austrian origin, who started the construction of the monument in the first stage, passed away in 1934 before completing the monument. Therefore, the task of completing the monument is given to another architect named Joseph Thorak.

Güven Park (Security) MonumentGüven Park (Security) MonumentGüven Park (Security) MonumentGüven Park (Security) Monument


  • ardacetinkaya
    05.10.2022 07:27

    Kızılay semtinde Güven Park içinde yer alır. 1935 yılında Ankara taşından yapılmıştır. Türk Ulusu'nun polis ve jandarmaya bir armağanı olduğundan dolayı Emniyet Anıtı da denilmektedir.


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