Göksu Park

Göksu Park

Göksu Park

Göksu Park, located in the Eryaman District of Ankara, is a large park built to replace the Susuz pond. Göksu Park, one of Ankara's most popular green areas, opens in the summer of 2003. The park is completed in a fairly short period of time, such as three months. A pond covers a significant part of the space covering an area of 508 thousand square meters in total. Skeletons around the pond are placed for those who want to fish. There are nine piers in total. With floating piers, it is possible to feed the ducks in the lake. Göksu Park has many cafeterias and rest areas in the area outside the pond. Also included are the amusement park, walking area, restaurant and picnic areas. The wooden walking area within Göksu Park is 1.5 kilometers. Half of the total face measurement is covered with areas of greenery. The area of 13 thousand square meters is organized as a promenade area. This picnic area contains about 500 barbecues. Göksu Park shows an increase in the number of breakfast places recently. For this reason, especially on weekends, many people visit here even just for breakfast. Göksu Park, which is one of the largest parks in the city, can now be reached by metro. You can come here by using the Batıkent-Sincan metro line, which ended its construction in 2014. On the other hand, you can use the minibuses or buses running between Ulus and Eryaman. It is located between this private park and the Kızılay at a distance of around 24 kilometers. When you come to Göksu Park, you can take advantage of sports such as tennis, beach volleyball, water biking, football, basketball or mountain sledding. Göksu Park, which is in the mood of a coastal town, is a peaceful place, home to every shade of green.

Göksu ParkGöksu ParkGöksu ParkGöksu Park


  • Ahmet Selim TEZCAN
    29.08.2021 09:16

    Göl manzarası , yeşillik ve tabiiki Dağ Kızağı :)

  • ezgicam
    26.09.2022 07:55

    Magallı - mangalsız piknik yapmak için çok iyi bir alan. Otoparklar, çocuk oyun alanları, güzel manzaralar görüntüsü. Temiz hava şehir gürültüsünden uzak.

  • gezenti03
    15.12.2023 23:18

    Ankara için nefes alınabilecek, gecesi gündüzünden daha keyifli tek yer

  • beyzakorkmazzx
    12.08.2022 08:06

    İlk su bisikleti deneyimimi yaşadığım, kafe ve büfelerin bulunduğu, mangalın yasak olduğu güzel bir park. Otoparkı mevcut

  • M.F.K
    23.11.2021 12:17

    Who said there is no sea in Ankara:)


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