Gavur Castle

Gavur Castle

Gavur Castle

Ankara embraces many different civilizations throughout history. The city also witnesses many battles and struggles. When you come to the city naturally, you are likely to encounter castles that have been moved to the present day as a souvenir of these struggles. Among these castles, Gavur Castle, which has a symbolic value, is worth a visit! Gavur Castle is located in the Haymana District of the capital Ankara. This place has a special place especially for the Hittites. The excavations here take place at the request of Atatürk. The first excavations at Gavur Castle took place in 1930 under the leadership of Von Der Osten. As a result of these studies, Osten states that there may be a mountain temple here. Another claim is that there was a royal tomb in the same area. The figures of Gods and goddesses on the relief tops immediately stand out. The castle of Gavur presents a great deal of information about the Hittite times. Located on the rock at the summit of a natural hill, the castle is positioned at an altitude of 60 metres. This place is also very close to the Babayakup River. The relief carved on the rocks contains human figures. In the fortification walls, the style called Cyclops is mainly adopted. In this style, large stone blocks are laid on top of each other without mortar. Gavur Castle is thought to have been built in the 1600s BC. Later research reinforces the knowledge that this place is a Hittite structure. Excavations and surveys reveal that Frigians also lived in the Haymana region. In later periods, Galatians settled in the region. Galatians are a branch belonging to Golvars who live within the borders of France today. It is estimated that the Galatians crossed over thrace into the Anatolian lands. For a long time the region manages to be a center for Galatians. There is a distance of around 60 kilometers between Ankara and Gavur Castle. This place is sometimes referred directly as ‘Gavurkale’.

Gavur CastleGavur CastleGavur CastleGavur Castle



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