Pet Park

Pet Park

Pet Park

When you come to Ankara, extremely interesting museums and parks welcome you. Pets Park, which has an important place among these places, is located in Keçiören district. This place has a very different and special story than any other park we have known before. The park, which embraces stray animals living on the streets of Ankara, has been in operation since 1998. In addition, it is largely created with the contributions of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.

Pets Park, located exactly in Uyanış Mahallesi, has an area of ​​18 decares. One year after its opening, new additions are made to the park, which is also known as the "Keçiören Pet Park". Especially the aquarium section, which is included here, starts to attract great attention. The Pet Park, which has managed to host many different animal species, is also an oxygen reservoir that contains all shades of green. Therefore, it is defined as an animal and human friendly park. Here, a three-story clinic, administrative building and security zone make up the parts outside the animal shelters.

Around 90 species can be mentioned in the Pet Park. Poultry species make up the majority of these species. Therefore, it is possible to witness many animal species from chickens to Angora goats, from pheasants to peacocks. Freshwater sharks and terrapins are of particular interest. In general, it is possible to encounter a similar interest in dog kennels. Special species such as kangaroo or iguana that you cannot find in the geography of Turkey meet with visitors in the Pet Park.

Pet ParkPet ParkPet ParkPet Park


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    01.04.2022 16:38


  • farukkorkmaz
    08.03.2023 07:03

    Genel anlamda güzel ve temiz bir yer. Girişin ücretsiz olması çok iyi.

  • afensevdi
    15.07.2022 21:09

    Burası Keçiören evcil hayvanlar parkı Sincan olarak yanlış yazılmış

  • omrkazncc
    05.01.2023 06:28

    Çocuklarla keyifle gezebileceğiniz şehrin içinde geniş hayvan parkı,hangi hayvanlar var derseniz,flamingo,kaz,ördek,deve,at,kedi,kuş,balıklar,keçi,devekuşu pek çok hayvan görmek mümkün.

  • chncnbaz
    09.04.2022 02:50

    Keçiören osmangazi mahallesi hayvanat bahçesi çok güzel bir yer

  • mfk
    06.04.2022 04:20

    aslında polatlı caddesinden de bir giriş car ama burdaki kapıdanda girilebilir


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