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Elmadağ Ski Resort

Elmadağ Ski Resort

One of the favorite places in Ankara, Elmadag Ski Center in winter snow thickness reaches up to 60 centimeters. In general, the region dominated by terrestrial climate is actively used by members of Metu, Hacettepe University and Youth Sports Directorate. On the other hand, this center is open to athletes during the winter period. When you come to this complex, you may encounter a snowmobile, a café and a ski lift facility. Previously artificial snow machines were installed in this complex. The height of this place from the sea is calculated as 850 meters. Elmadag Ski Resort, which manages to add an important value to winter tourism, is among the places frequented by local and foreign tourists in the capital. There are also a lot of visitors who come to this centre for hiking. For this purpose, those who come mostly prefer the spring and summer months. November and March, those who are interested in the sport of skiing almost flock here. Especially families with children form a busy crowd here during the semester. Important ski slopes are located on the northern slope of the center. These runways are positioned between heights of 500 thousand and 850 thousand meters. One of these runways is used today as a military runway. All the runways here are treeless. Especially for novice people, this type of trees in the runway can cause various accidents. The flat and unobstructed track here has an important role in choosing the center. The pistes at Elmadağ Ski Center are classified according to ease of use. People who can skate at the professional level can head to the trails reserved for them. Between Elmadag Ski Resort and Ankara city center, there is a distance of 26 kilometers. The user capacity of the center, which is connected to the district of the same name, is 720 people.

Elmadağ Ski ResortElmadağ Ski ResortElmadağ Ski ResortElmadağ Ski Resort


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