State Cemetery Museum

State Cemetery Museum

State Cemetery Museum

The fact that the capital Ankara is the first and only capital of the modern republic is reflected directly in the number of museums located here. The State Cemetery Museum, one of the city's major museums, opened on August 30, 1988. The opening, which takes place with a state ceremony, becomes quite crowded. In the first place, the Presidents of the Republic of Turkey, apart from Ataturk's friends in arms are considered. In 2006, a law was amended regarding the State Cemetery Museum. With this change, the Presidents of Parliament and even prime ministers are buried in the museum. Unlike any other museum in terms of ideas, practices and architectural structure, the State Cemetery Museum is particularly noted for its documents and materials relating to the years of resistance. You may encounter many personal items and pictures here. The State Cemetery Museum has two floors in total. Some small introductory films are played on the first floor using projectors. These include general introductions to both the war of independence and the State Cemetery Museum. The Black Sea Pool, built together with Atatürk's order, is renovated during the construction process of this place. The rest area, located just around the pool, allows visitors to catch a glimpse of the museum. The historical process, which began in 1919 and after, is animated by various sculptures or symbols. This area is called the ‘Republican History Road’. The architect of the State Cemetery Museum is Özgür Ecevit. On the other hand, Ekrem Gürenli undertakes the landscape project. Most of the statues in the museum have the signature of Rahmi Aksungur. There are currently 61 divisional commanders' bodies in the museum. A very important part of them are the commanders who served in the War of Independence. This interesting museum is located within the land belonging to Atatürk Forest Farm. As of its location, it sees the city from a wide angle. You can use the route of Beştepe and Yenimahalle to provide access to the State Cemetery Museum.

State Cemetery MuseumState Cemetery MuseumState Cemetery MuseumState Cemetery Museum


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