Cenabi Ahmet Pasha Mosque and Tomb

Cenabi Ahmet Pasha Mosque and Tomb

Cenabi Ahmet Pasha Mosque and Tomb

Some shrines in Ankara's Ulucanlar district attract local visitors to the area. Many people from many districts of the city and even the surrounding provinces come to these shrines and recite prayers. One of the shrines that attracts the most visitors is the Cenabi Ahmet Pasha Mausoleum. This place is also referred together with the mosque. Therefore, those who visit the tomb have the chance to visit the Cenabi Ahmet Pasha Mosque, which is part of the same building community. In Ulucanlar, there is a harmony between the Cenabi Ahmet Pasha Mosque and the mausoleum of the same name, which is located in the area called Mimar Sinan Square. In the tomb, just as in the mosque, cut Ankara stones are applied. The dome part sits on the wall without pulley. Reflecting Ottoman mosque and mausoleum architecture, the building community was created in 1595. Entity Cenabi Ahmet Pasha, whose chest is located in the Tomb served as a governor of Anatolia for a period. With exceptions, the construction of the historical mosque, where the adhan have not stopped for a moment since five centuries, coincides with the reign of Sultan Suleiman The Magnificent. In accordance with the request of Cenabı Ahmet Pasha, grand master architect Sinan receives support. His signature is also found in Azimi Mausoleum. The dome sections of the Cenabi Ahmet Pasha Mosque and Mausoleum, which are largely preserved in its original form, are covered with lead structure. Both the altar and the pulpit have a modest design. Especially the presence of Ottoman inscriptions on the mihrab increases the value of this section. In the same way, the hexagonal stones on the floor side of the mosque and the igneous stones at the entrance of the mosque add a different dimension to their ornamentation features. The Regional Directorate of Foundations decides to repair this place in 2008. Changes to the mosque and mausoleum are completed at the end of four years. The shrine is also open to visitors.

Cenabi Ahmet Pasha Mosque and TombCenabi Ahmet Pasha Mosque and TombCenabi Ahmet Pasha Mosque and TombCenabi Ahmet Pasha Mosque and Tomb


  • cemmelih
    27.10.2022 07:52

    Kanunî zamanında Beylerbeyi olarak görev yapmış olan Ahmet Paşa, Cenabı Ahmet Paşa Camisinin avlusunda yer alıyor.

  • farukkorkmaz
    08.03.2023 07:52

    Çok küçük bir türbe ulucanlar parkının yakınında.


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