Church Of Saint Tereza

Church Of Saint Tereza

Church Of Saint Tereza

The Church of Saint Tereza is located in the Ulus district of Ankara, famous for its historical structures. The street is named after a fire in 1916 in the form of Kardeşler (Brothers) Street at the request of priests in the area. From the early 1900s, the area was close to where the French school and Armenian citizens lived. In 1928, the chapel was built on the first floor of the building, which was allocated to the Embassy of France. The building in question now operates under the name Saint Tereza Church. The chapel was restored in 2002 and is considered the most important part of the ecclesiastical structure. The church is named after Saint Tereza, one of the most beloved Saints in history and has a distinct place in the Catholic Christian faith with its simplicity; it is famous for its mosaics, candlesticks, chandeliers, decorations and stained glass. There are parts of the church that were brought from France and Italy and added to the church.The Church is open to visitors with a Holy Liturgy every Sunday at 11:30, Wednesday at 18:00, and Tuesday and Sunday at 14: 00 to 17: 00.

Church Of Saint TerezaChurch Of Saint TerezaChurch Of Saint TerezaChurch Of Saint Tereza


  • silapamuk
    04.11.2022 11:01

    Pencereler, aziz ve azizelerin çok güzel vitraylarından oluşuyor. Bunlara Jan D'arc da dahil. Görülmeye değer...

  • ezgicam
    26.09.2022 07:47

    Klise hala aktif olarak ibadet edilen alt katı da okul olarak kullanılan bir klise. Ziyaretler salı ve cumartesi 14.00-17.00 arası olarak okudum girişteki yazıda Ambiyans harika, camlardaki ve duvarlardaki resimler çok güzel.


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