Atatürk Museum Pavilion

Atatürk Museum Pavilion

Atatürk Museum Pavilion

Atatürk Museum Pavilion, located in Çankaya District of Ankara, is presented to Atatürk as a gift for his resting and working. It is known that Atatürk Museum Pavilion was given as a gift in 1921. Atatürk used the Agricultural School and Station Chief Pavilion at the beginning when he came to Ankara. Both structures remain inadequate after a point for Atatürk's work. As a result of these searches, eyes are turned to the pavilion, which is used as a museum today. In the middle of a field of greenery, the work of enlarging this special lodge on a hill dominating the city begins at that time. Especially after the marriage performed by Atatürk, this process is accelerated. This place is essentially known as a Vineyard House. It was expanded gradually until 1924. At first it has an octagonal pool in the middle and its terrace is quite large. The pool part is eliminated during the exchange process and turned into the entrance hall. The change in the mansion is also made by considering the adoptive sons of Atatürk. The interior of the pavilion, which has a very imposing appearance, is as impressive as the exterior and is open to surprises. It is 1950 that this place continues as a museum-pavilion. The pavilion has important sections such as windbreaker, Green Hall, Radio Hall, Library and Exhibition Hall. In order to visit Atatürk Museum Pavilion at the institutional level, the application form must be filled out. Other than that, the days deemed suitable for personal routine visits are only the weekend. Saturday and Sunday between 13: 00 and 16: 00 you can visit here. Individual visitor entrances take place from gate number five of the pavilion. In the exhibition section of the Atatürk Museum Pavilion, some materials, written and visual documents and personal items belonging to the Great Leader are exhibited. The importance of these items naturally increases as the years go by. The Atatürk Museum Pavilion, located at a point dominating Ankara, has a rectangular plan.

Atatürk Museum PavilionAtatürk Museum PavilionAtatürk Museum PavilionAtatürk Museum Pavilion


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    Atatürk Müze Köşkü, Türkiye'nin başkenti Ankara'da bulunan bir tarihî ev müzesidir. Müze, Çankaya'daki Çankaya Köşkü'nün yanında yer almakta olup 1921-1932 yılları arasında Mustafa Kemal Atatürk'ün konutu olarak kullanıldı.

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