Atakule, which is one of the symbol places of Ankara, is located in Çankaya district. Located near Cinnah Street, Atakule is also located in the same area as Zübeyde Hanım Square. Atakule's location is generally fortunate in that it embraces the cityscape. Atakule is essentially the first known shopping center not only in Ankara, but also in all of Turkey. It was inaugurated by Turgut Özal on 13 October 1989. The architect of this modern shopping center is Ragıp Buluç. The foundations of this place take place just two years before the opening. One of the most interesting information about Atakule is the fact that its name was personally identified by the people of Ankara. At that time, a name contest is organized where participation is quite high. Atakule, which the people of Ankara have always shown a very high interest in, consists of two separate parts at a basic level. One of these is the mall and the other one is the tower section. Serving as a tourist resort, Atakule is more like a bazaar atmosphere. Today, the shopping center is in the form of a five-storey structure consisting of cocktail halls, wedding halls, social activity halls. The tower is around 125 meters in total. There is a great interest in the cruise terrace, which has a height of 87 metres. Two separate elevators are used to reach the cruise terrace. Under the tower,there is also a café-bar floor. Just above this, there is a restaurant floor. The restaurant floor sits on a revolving platform. The top floor is treated as a cocktail lounge. Atakule is a highly equipped place for security. The tower also gives Atakule a monumental identity. The tower section, which gained worldwide fame with its many features, can be seen comfortably from many places. When you go up to the tower, you can almost feel Ankara under your feet.



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