Ankara Natural History Museum

Ankara Natural History Museum

Ankara Natural History Museum

Ankara Natural History Museum is created as a result of the intensive efforts of the Mineral Research and Exploration Institute located in the same city. The Institute conducted studies on the museum between 1935 and 1960. On the other hand, the great leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, while still alive, has initiatives for this museum. The most important feature of this place is that it is the first natural museum in Turkey. Around 6,400 fossils are displayed in the museum, which is currently located in the MTA General Directorate. The dinosaur fossil skeleton here is of great interest to visitors. The fossil is known to have been purchased from America many years ago. In the same way, the elephant skeleton that France presented to the museum forms one of the most colourful parts of the museum. This elephant was found to have lived approximately 15 million years ago. Ankara Natural History Museum is full of stunning information that will amaze you. In general, fossils belonging to living things of very ancient times are in the foreground. Because fossils like this are not easy to find in every museum. Ankara Natural History Museum is still the only example in Turkey. Ankara Natural History Museum, located in Balgat District of Çankaya District, serves the people of Ankara since 1968. The space, which spans a total area of 4 thousand square meters, is divided into five separate sections within itself. On the ground floor of the museum, some species of plants or animals living in Turkey are found. At the same time fossils are exhibited on this floor. Some mixed works, colored with petographic specimens, are displayed on the other floors of the museum. In particular, the moon stones brought from the moon in 1972 and the meteorites that fell on a village in Sivas are in the foreground. Marble examples of Turkey are also exhibited in these floors. Ankara Natural History Museum is free to visit. You can visit the museum between 09:00 and 17:00.

Ankara Natural History MuseumAnkara Natural History MuseumAnkara Natural History MuseumAnkara Natural History Museum


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