Ankara Children's Museum

Ankara Children's Museum

Ankara Children's Museum

Visitors to the capital Ankara are confronted with the fact that this is a busy city in terms of museums. In this sense, it is possible to find classical and modern museums in Ankara with a focus on archeology or ethnography in every region. One of these museums is the Ankara Children's Museum. The museum is often confused with the Toy Museum. There are very serious differences in the content of both museums. Ankara Children's Museum is located in Yenimahalle district. Although it previously served within a different shopping center, it is moved to Armada Shopping Center in later periods. The figures exhibited at the Ankara Children's Museum will contribute significantly to the education and vision of children. It is an important opportunity for children to organize workshops especially for applications frequently. When you come here, you can get an idea of many things that come to mind, from renewable energy to space technologies to energy-themed learning to wildlife. The Ankara Children's Museum, which manages to attract not only children but also adults, allows children to explore new things by having fun. Plants, fossils, animals, toys and planets are described in different ways in the museum, which offers an efficient learning model. All information is presented as part of a game. The Science Center, which immediately attracts the attention of children, has rich devices. It is meticulously worked on behalf of an environment that can arouse children's interest in science and trigger feelings of curiosity. Ankara Children's Museum can be visited in groups from schools in the region take place. It is easier to determine which areas children are interested in here. Special tendencies of children are taken into account in the activities held within the museum. This special and useful place, full name Ankara Children's Museum and Science Center, is recorded as the first museum in Turkey.

Ankara Children's MuseumAnkara Children's MuseumAnkara Children's MuseumAnkara Children's Museum


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    Kesinlikle nostaljik ve sevimli bir yer. Çalışanlar da çok zarif güleryüzlü insanlar. İlgi alaka saygı mükemmel. Çocuklar değil yetişkinler içinde gezilmesi gereken bir yer.


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