Alagöz Headquarters Museum

Alagöz Headquarters Museum

Alagöz Headquarters Museum

When you visit the city of Ankara, you may encounter many places that reflect the historical and cultural codes of the city. One of these places, Alagöz Headquarters Museum, is among the museums that the local visitors are excited about. This is a very valuable museum in terms of reflecting the events of the Battle of Sakarya. During the Battle of Sakarya, when the enemies reached Polatlı, the Western Front Command considered the village Alagöz as a headquarters. The farm of Türkoğlu Ali Agha, who lives in the village, is the headquarters of this headquarters. The farm is quite suitable for this as a structure. After the war, the farm is returned to its original owners. Ali Türkoğlu and his children continue to live in this farm continuously until 1965. His heirs transferred the farm to the Ministry of Education after 1965. Immediately two years after that, the transfer of Antiquities and Museums to the General Directorate will take place. The Directorate of Anitkabir Museum undertakes the restoration in this process. On November 10 of 1968, only the upper section is organized and opened to visitors. The arrangement of the rooms in the lower section was suspended until 1983. After that year, the rooms downstairs are also open to visitors. The Alagöz Headquarters Museum currently consists of 12 separate rooms in total. Some of these rooms can be listed as souvenir room, bookshelf, garment room, servant room and staff room. The farm that houses the museum building bears witness to a crucial episode of that critical battle that lasted 22 days. For this reason, all the figures in the museum are based on what was left of the war. Details of the plan, photos, documents, will take you on an exciting journey. Alagöz Headquarters Museum, located on Ankara and Polatlı road, although located in the village of Alagöz, is essentially an easy reach. You can easily reach the museum with minibuses departing from Polatlı.

Alagöz Headquarters MuseumAlagöz Headquarters MuseumAlagöz Headquarters MuseumAlagöz Headquarters Museum


  • silapamuk
    18.08.2022 06:19

    Ankara polatlı aradında alagöz köyü karargah seçilmiş Atatürk 23 Ağustos tan 13 eylül 1921 tarihine kadar 22 gün 22 gece aralıksız devam eden sakarya savaşını büyük bir bölümünü bu binadan idare etmiş…

  • farukkorkmaz
    08.03.2023 07:42

    Sakarya meydan muharebesi'nin yönetildiği bina burası.

  • omrkazncc
    05.01.2023 06:18

    Atamızın zor şartlarda kurtuluş için düşündüğü ve uyguladığı plan ve karargahlardan birisidir


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