Abidinpaşa Paşa Central Mosque

Abidinpaşa Paşa Central Mosque

Abidinpaşa Paşa Central Mosque

Abidinpaşa Paşa Central Mosque is located in Mamak district of Ankara. Abidinpaşa Central Mosque, which is the largest mosque in Mamak district, is also one of the mosques called ‘Group B’. It is known that the mosque was built in 1984. The property rights of the Abidinpaşa Central Mosque, which is located exactly in the Abidinpaşa district, belong to the foundation with the same name as the mosque. It is possible to find significant traces of Ottoman architecture in the mosque. Today, an imam and a muezzin are employed in the place of worship, which has a total capacity of around three thousand. Written records indicate that the construction process of the mosque took a full year. Today, the Abidinpaşa Paşa Central Mosque is on the agenda with a large library to be installed in it. This idea, which is in the project phase, is expected to happen soon. The mosque's foundation begins to accept book grants in this context. It is planned to include mainly scientific books within the library. A rigorous study is carried out to make these books appeal to people of all ages. There are around 30 shops today in the lower section of the historic mosque, which has three separate floors in total. The mosque, which has two minaret balconies, has two separate minarets with a height of 34 meters. Apart from a large dome, small domes add an important dimension to the aesthetics of the mosque. The Abidinpaşa Paşa Central Mosque, which has three doors in total, also features tile veneers. The Qur'an course and the fountain in the middle section can also be mentioned in the space covering a total area of one thousand square meters. Lead coverings are preferred in the roof section of the mosque. The mihrab is made of marble material. From the center of Ankara, You can get to the mosque with buses moving in the direction of Mamak.

Abidinpaşa Paşa Central MosqueAbidinpaşa Paşa Central MosqueAbidinpaşa Paşa Central MosqueAbidinpaşa Paşa Central Mosque


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