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75.Year Republic Educational Museum

75.Year Republic Educational Museum

One of the most prominent issues in the city of Ankara is 75.Year Republic Educational Museum. The 75.Year Republic Educational Museum being one of the city's museums of interest serves under the Ministry of Education. A former residence belonging to Atatürk High School is used for the museum located in Sıhhiye as the location. It was inaugurated in 1998 by MoNE(Ministry of National Education). 75.Year Republic Educational Museum is a first in this sense. The museum building is one-story, set in a large garden. Although it is a relatively small museum, it is successful in terms of inventory numbers. 75.Year Republic Educational Museum brings together many materials, photographs, documents and items belonging to the educational world. Especially the one-to-one revival of the classroom layout of the MoNE-Affiliated schools over the past years is appreciated. The museum, where teachers and students are of great interest, hosts certain schools here in groups from semester to semester. It also has its own private library. Museum-related inspections are carried out regularly by the MoNE. You can easily visit the museum on weekdays between 09:00 and 17:00. This place is also closed on religious and public holidays. The museum is located on Strasbourg Street and is accessible by public transport. 75. Year Republican Museum of Education is navigable free of charge. The Museum's Strategy Development Department prepares and publishes its business plans annually.

75.Year Republic Educational Museum 75.Year Republic Educational Museum 75.Year Republic Educational Museum 75.Year Republic Educational Museum


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