Lake Erçek

Lake Erçek

Lake Erçek

Located in a historical area in the east of Turkey, Lake Van and its surroundings are frequented by local and foreign tourists with its natural beauties. One of the highlights of the region in terms of tourism is undoubtedly Lake Erçek. It is also known as 'brother of Lake Van' because it has a set area near the lake, which is a treasure of natural life. Kilicgaga, black-necked sink, summer duck, even flamingos; It is home to about half of the nearly 500 bird species that live on Turkish borders or are seen for short periods of time because they are on migratory routes, home to all is the Lake Erçek and the basin around it. The world-famous lake functions as a natural accommodation and breeding area for living things, with its rich bird-type heritage, including endangered species. Lake Erçek and its surroundings, known as a rare region in Turkey for bird watchers and photography enthusiasts, are shown among the most beautiful sightseeing locations in Turkey. It's a pleasure to relax on the benches around the lake and take a look at the natural life. There are also wooden bird observation houses around it. The average depth of the lake, which is notorious for its presence in birds, is 18 meters. The deepest spot in the lake with a surface area of 114 km² is around 40 meters. In the lake, which has alkaline and salty water, no fish species live. The tourist lake, which welcomes many visitors especially with the Annual Lake Erçek Flamingo Festival, attracts attention especially in the spring months of the year.

Lake ErçekLake ErçekLake Erçek


  • muratball
    30.06.2022 10:05

    Belli zamanlarda flomingolarında geldiği Van’ın gizli cennetlerinden biri.

  • gunmemoli
    02.11.2022 07:43

    Kuş cenneti. Karagündüz köyünün doğası Harika. Kışın doyumsuz görselliklerle dolu. Tavsiye ediyorum.

  • leylakorkmazz
    07.12.2022 07:24

    Gelip flomingo görebilirsiniz.


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