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Çavuştepe Castle

Çavuştepe Castle

The Kingdom of Urartu has a very long history... Çavuştepe Castle, a wonderful historical monument left over from the Kingdom of Urartu, was built at the behest of Sarduri II. The works from this kingdom, which ruled mesopotamia for many years, still fascinate those who see it in their glory. In 764 BC. İt was the order of Sarduri ii to build The Fort of Cavustepe, which consists of two separate structures. This castle, which took 30 years to build, is called Sardurihinili, which means 'the city belonging to Sardur'. After thousands of years, the castle is revealed in the excavations carried out by Professor Arif Erzen, a professor at Istanbul University Faculty of Literature. There are many important areas, including Haldi Temple, in Çavuştepe Castle, which has two different structures: the upper castle and the lower castle. The castle complex, which has a height of 30 meters between the two castles, covers a fairly large area. The walls built in the extreme castle method on both sides are knitted with almost flawlessly cut limestone blocks. Cisterns carved into the bedrock where the castle is placed, warehouses and other important structures of the palace form the work. On the walls of the Haldi Temple in the castle, king of Urartu II. There is also a inscription with a nail written dedicated to God Irmusini from Sarduri.

Çavuştepe CastleÇavuştepe CastleÇavuştepe CastleÇavuştepe Castle


  • gunmemoli
    02.11.2022 07:48

    Gelip bu kafanızı dağıtabileceğiniz sakin tarihi öneme sahip yerlerden…

  • leylakorkmazz
    07.12.2022 07:07

    Tarihiyle bu zamana kadar gelmiş Çavuştepe kalesini Gelip görmenizi tavsiye ederim.


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