Akdamar Viewing Terrace

Akdamar Viewing Terrace

Akdamar Viewing Terrace

Akdamar Viewing Terrace is located within the second largest island of Lake Van; it is among the popular places for photography enthusiasts to visit. The nose part connected to Akdamar Island, which was in the form of a peninsula until the 15th century, was flooded by the rise of Lake Van. Due to the fact that it is the land of Mesopotamia, many civilizations lived on the island, where a church monastery can be found that once armenian monks lived. From the island's viewing terrace, the unique beauty of Lake Van and the glory of Gevaş meet the eyes. The area, which covers part of the landscape and has been used as a dumpster of the surrounding villages for the last 25 years, has also gained its former beauty as it has been completely cleaned as of 2019. On this island, where van explorers are intertwined with history and nature, the history-smelling view of Lake Van and Gevaş is admirable, like a sheet laid in front of them. This unique place where thousands of years of civilizations come together with mother Nature is also very welcoming to embracing travellers.

Akdamar Viewing TerraceAkdamar Viewing TerraceAkdamar Viewing TerraceAkdamar Viewing Terrace


  • aslidemirr
    04.07.2022 08:37

    Van’a kadar gelip bu adaya uğramadan dönmek olmazdı. kesinlikle gezmelisiniz.

  • gunmemoli
    02.11.2022 08:03

    Fotoğraf tutkunlarının sürekli uğradığı noktalardan bir akşamları gün batımı ayrı güzel oluyor tabi..

  • irembozz
    12.10.2022 10:01

    Manzarası çok güzel fotoğraflar efsane güzel çıkıyor..

  • leylakorkmazz
    07.12.2022 06:45

    Bölgede yapılabilecek en güzel aktivitelerden birisi tekneyle buraya gelip bu güzel eseri gezmek olabilir.


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