Sürmene Çamburnu Natural Park

Sürmene Çamburnu Natural Park

Sürmene Çamburnu Natural Park

Sürmene Çamburnu Natural Park surrounded by forests, is simply the oxygen doping of Trabzon where green meets blue. The highlight of this vast area, which has 51 acres and natural park status since 2011, is the interesting projection between the sea and the forest. These two different elements, adjacent to each other, are also the characteristics of Sürmene Çamburnu Natural Park. There are no cultural or historical buildings or ruins in the nature park. The dense forested area, includes rare species, especially scotch pine, willow, maple and oak trees. In addition, various types of bushes and vines are also abundant in the area. It's also a nature park rich in fungi species. On the other hand, seeing squirrels in Sürmene Çamburnu Natural Park is not a big surprise. It can also be noted that relatively large animal species such as roe deer, badgers, coyotes can be seen from time to time. As a bird species, the cormorant is quite common. As a promenade area, a picnic can be held in Sürmene Çamburnu Natural Park, where the public has a lot of covered social areas, especially close to the sea. It's a pleasure here to wander of into the sea and sip well-steeped tea. You can also have a swim.

Sürmene Çamburnu Natural ParkSürmene Çamburnu Natural ParkSürmene Çamburnu Natural ParkSürmene Çamburnu Natural Park


  • huseyinatess
    14.11.2022 08:59

    Çok güzel bir mekan herkese tavsiye ediyorum dönemini anlatan ve yansıtan tabiyatın güzel bir köşesi

  • zydgz
    20.07.2022 07:26

    Güzel bir mekan ancak yaşlılar yürümekte zorluk çekebilir. Yamaç çıkılması gerekiyor


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