The Monastery of Kustul-Hizr Ilyas

The Monastery of Kustul-Hizr Ilyas

22.02.2021 00:18

The Monastery of Kustul-Hizr Ilyas, located on a hill over the valley, has only reached its foundations to the present day. It is said that Turks gave the name Ilyas to this work, which is estimated to have been established in the middle of the 8th century on a hill above the village of Shimshirli. The monastery, whose full name is 'Ayios Yorgios Ta Peristera', is estimated to have been built in 752. It has been restrored and destroyed several times over the past centuries, but was last known to have been destroyed by the fire in 1904. Kustul-Hizr Ilyas Monastery saw its latest repair during the reign of Abdulhamit Khan. Kustul-Hizr Ilyas Monastery is located in the village of Shimshirli (Kustul) in the town of Esiroğlu in Maçka district of Trabzon. Galyan Valley, which includes the hill where the monastery is established, is very difficult for reach. In order to reach this village, it is necessary to go to Esiroğlu first. You can choose county buses or dolmuş to get here. If you do not have a car when you arrive at the town, you must rent a minibus or jeep and go to the village of Ikidere. When you reach this village, you will see a path divided in two. Although the road from the left is shorter, the best path to take is the one on the right.
The Monastery of Kustul-Hizr IlyasThe Monastery of Kustul-Hizr IlyasThe Monastery of Kustul-Hizr Ilyas


  • burakkya
    10.08.2022 08:19

    Araç yolu olmadığı için dere kenarından zorlu bir patika ile manastıra ulaşabildik. Turizme kazandırılması güzel olur


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