Historical Grand Bazaar

Historical Grand Bazaar

Historical Grand Bazaar

Someone who comes to Sanliurfa for the first time from outside town meets with a dense population, a lively trading life, authentic flavours, and historical values discovered by local and foreign tourists all over. In half an hour! In this ancient city, the existence of various crafts and art branches, which have been going on for centuries but whose doubts have not fallen off the agenda at the point of continuity, is also witnessed. Historical texture acquires its own place. In this context, it is impossible, not to speak about the importance of the Historical Grand Bazaar. Just like Bursa and Istanbul, as well as in cities that were important commercial centers of centuries ago, the Historical Grand Bazaar in Şanlıurfa is a continuation of tradition, its timeless heritage. The city's bustling commercial life is somehow so in the depths of history, and the Historical Grand Bazaar is known to play an important role in this regard. The Historical Grand Bazaar, which has sections of different concepts, is located close to Balıklıgöl in Eyyubiye district. The historic bazaar of the historic city is busy for most of the year, and in the hit months, so to speak, an influx of tourists. In general of the bazaar, ornaments, local clothes, souvenirs, household items can be purchased. The Historical Grand Bazaar, which includes coffee houses with friendly staff, you can drink tea-Turkish coffee and chat with your friend, has an exotic location that brings the historical texture of 500 years ago.

Historical Grand BazaarHistorical Grand Bazaar


  • muratty
    12.10.2022 07:50

    İstediğiniz bütün acıları ve baharatları bulabileceğiniz bir çarşı.

  • acelyaabasar
    02.11.2022 08:27

    Baharat ve bakırcılar çarşısı da denebilir istediğiniz herşeyi bulabilirsiniz burada.


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