Rizvaniye Mosque

Rizvaniye Mosque

Rizvaniye Mosque

In Şanlıurfa, where capable hands surround the streets with delicious smells, the richness of historical tissue is not unbelievable. Rizvaniye Mosque, which reflects the historical tradition in the city, surrounded by thousands of years of buildings, is one of the standout sights. The mosque, which has characteristic features, is located next to Balıkgöl, one of the landmarks. The rectangular planned structure among the most important historical values of the region stands out with its single minaret. The strong spatial lighting, as a result of the sequence of windows decorations, patterns and colorful doors in the interior, reflect the overall visual elegance. Rizvaniye Mosque, which is the subject of photographs in countless media, whether it is social media, travel magazines and internet publications, is among the important structures of the complex of the same name. The garden of the mosque adjacent to the lake also offers a pleasant relaxation area for the locals and tourists with its peaceful atmosphere and water sounds. Rizvaniye Mosque, which is open to worship, is another beautiful with its lighting in the evening as it is during the day.

Rizvaniye MosqueRizvaniye MosqueRizvaniye MosqueRizvaniye Mosque


  • muratty
    12.10.2022 07:43

    Cami basli basina cok guzel ve huzur verici, erkekler bolumunde peygamber efendimizin ayak izi ve sakali serifi var.

  • furkanakay
    02.12.2022 07:24

    Balıklı Göl'ün kenarında tarihi bir cami. Banisi, 1736 yılında Rakka Valisi olan Rıdvan Ahmet Paşa'dır.

  • fatmahnterr
    05.07.2022 10:37

    Cami etrafında küçük dükkanlar bulunuyor. Balıklı gölün hemen kenarında bulunan Tarihi değer taşıyan bir cami .


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