Maqam of Eyub Prophet And Mosque

Maqam of Eyub Prophet And Mosque

Maqam of Eyub Prophet And Mosque

Known as the Prophet who teaches patienhice to people, Hz. Eyup has been remembered for thousands of years in his place of patience against the troubles he has suffered throughout his life. In 2100, Hz. Eyup, who was born in the village of Desniye, syria's upper land between Damascus and Ramla, is said to have suffered for long years of his life. They say, "The ordeal of Eyup comes from his patience and his patience comes from his faith." It'll be like it's called. Today, the skin called leprosy is diagnosed with maggots disease caused by purulent wounds in the skin, Hz. Eyup. In the cave where they were staying(patience authority) with his wife Rahime Hatun suffers without complaining for years... "Even the maggots that fell from the his wound would put their way away, so that it was their destiny he said," The ordeal of The Prophet Eyup ended with prayers that he had made tirelessly. It's said that, God rewards him and his wife for not saying "Phew" to his ordeal, and he never complains. God squirred healing water from the ground right next to the cave, and tells him to wash himself there, he recovers immediately afterwards and God grants a long life and a son to his wife and him. Even today, the water found at the entrance of the office by all visitors is considered healing. Those who pray in the mosque next to the office take their breath first in the cave. Immediately after that, they seek healing in the water here... Eyup Prophet's Office and Mosque, one of the most important parts of Sanliurfa's religious tourism, is inundated with thousands of tourists who want to find healing every year.

Maqam of Eyub Prophet And MosqueMaqam of Eyub Prophet And MosqueMaqam of Eyub Prophet And MosqueMaqam of Eyub Prophet And Mosque


  • tugubaga
    14.04.2022 04:33

    Mutlaka gidip dua edilmesi gerekilen bir yer sabır makamı şadırvan gibi olan yerin altında ışıklandırılmış.hz eyubun iyileştiği şifalı suyundan içmeyi ve sevdiklerinize götürmeyi unutmayın

  • furkanakay
    02.12.2022 07:13

    Hz.Eyüp Peygamberin şifa bulduğu Sabır Makamı...


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