Birecik Castle

Birecik Castle

Birecik Castle

Birecik Castle, built in time for assyrians and undergoing repairs in various periods, is famous for its walls built from cutting stones and with a height of up to 40 meters. These walls are so famous that everyone who visits the castle especially wants to listen to the legend that has reached the present day by word of mouth... Although the exact production date is unclear, the Romans (after 395 DC, before 30 BC 13th century), franks (1098-1150 DC) and Memlukler (1277-1484) were repaired. There are two remaining doors from the walls surrounding birecik district. Don't forget to take photo at Urfa door and Meçan door. Let's also say that there is only one left of the basiton, which is known to be 12 in the first construction of the castle. If we need to briefly tell the story about the known legend about Birecik Castle, we'll have a death row inmate. In real the innocent prisoner is asked his last wish before the execution... The prisoner speaks about his filly. The prisoner, who says they're very loyal to each other, he wants to see his filly for the last time. And he says that the filly misses him, and even when they see the filly, they'll see him fill a hole with tears. When the gendarme goes to see the filly and sees it open a hole next to the filly and fill it with tears. When that happens, they take the filly with them and return to the castle and show it to the prisoner. Of course, when it sees the owner, it rears up, and the owner is attached to the shackles and chains. Unable to calm the filly, the prisoner says, "Untie me, to touch my filly for the last time so it calms down." The authorities will talk to each other and let the man. As soon as the prisoner's shackles are dissolved, he rides on his filly and it flies at full speed into the Euphrates River. Now you can't see the Euphrates River at the point where, of course, but at that time the water of the Euphrates, was licked the walls of the castle... Since than nobody met neither the prisoner nor the filly. The couple disappeared in the Euphrates waters...

Birecik CastleBirecik Castle


  • furkanakay
    02.12.2022 07:17

    Çıkışı çok engebeli patika yol yok tırmanarak çıkıyorsunuz.

  • huseyinatess
    14.09.2022 11:35

    Kaleye çıkmayı çok isterdim ama mümkünolmadı. Çarşısı harika. İnsanlar güler yüzlü tekrar gelmek isterim.

  • mustafaalii
    12.08.2022 07:07

    Birecik kalesi Asurlar zamanında yapılmış çeşitli dönemlerde onarımdan geçmiştir. Taşlardan yapılmış yüksekliğe 30-40m bulan 12 burç bulunmaktadır.

  • guvenylmz
    17.08.2022 09:19

    Kale ulaşımı arka tarafta mahalle içinden patika yolundan 5 dakika sürüyor. Bu arada manzarası fotoğraf çekilmek isteyenler için süperr…


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