Ayn Zeliha Lake

Ayn Zeliha Lake

Ayn Zeliha Lake

Ayn Zeliha Lake, one of the visual symbols that gives Şanlıurfa its real value, is located between Balıklıgöl and Urfa Castle in the center of the city. Ayn Zeliha Lake, which is also the subject of narrations located close to Halil-ur Rahman Lake, contributes to the aesthetics of the city and is of spiritual importance. The narration is like this: When King Nemrut throws Abraham into the fire, suddenly an event occurs. Zeliha, the king's daughter, says that she accepted his religion and believed in him. King Nemrut, famous for his cruelty, sets his daughter on fire, and the place where Zeliha died turns into a small lake. As a result, Ayn Zeliha means 'Zeliha's tears' in Arabic, and the name of the lake comes from here. Lake Ayn Zeliha has a small area of 150 square meters. It is very lively with its green waters, fish, small fountains and short boat tours arranged on it. Cool and serene... There are tea gardens for drinking tea around. In the months when the weather is nice, it is possible to have a pleasant time in and around the lake, which has become a center of attraction.

Ayn Zeliha LakeAyn Zeliha LakeAyn Zeliha Lake


  • irembozz
    30.06.2022 10:24

    Urfa merkeze gelip ziyaret etmemek olurmu hiç :)

  • acelyaabasar
    02.11.2022 08:29

    Tarihi çok değerli kadim bir Mekan. Mutlaka gidilmesi gereken yerlerden bir tanesi…

  • muratty
    12.10.2022 07:52

    Kesinlikle maneviyatı çok yüksek olan iç açıcı bir çay bahçesi kesinlikle çerezinizi alıp gitmelisiniz.


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