St. Jean Church

St. Jean Church

St. Jean Church

One of the uniquely beautiful 13th century works of Nevşehir, the city of fairy chimneys and churches, St. Jean Church is one of the most important factors of the city's religious and cultural tourism. Nevşehir and its surroundings, shaped by Christians who escaped from the persecution of Constantine I, who were still Pagan as of 64 BC, are today known with the first age churches apart from the Fairy Chimneys. St. Jean Church, located at the entrance of Gülşehir district, is also distinguished from other churches in the city with its ornaments. One of the oldest buildings in the city with its two-storey structure, St. The construction of the Jean Church is completed in 1212. The lower floor consists of a wine cellar, water channels and tombs, and the upper floor consists of a place of worship consisting of walls where scenes adapted from the Bible are depicted. The decorations of the St. Jean Church, whose central dome has collapsed today, is quite striking. The drawings made using red ocher on the bedrock still remain alive today. Paintings consisting of cross depictions, geometric shapes and animal silhouettes shed light on the beliefs of early Christians. It was restored faithfully to its original by Rıdvan İşler in 1995 and regains its current form. St. Jean Church differs from other churches with its pictures depicting the "Last Judgment" part of the Bible, which is hardly seen in the Cappadocia region.

St. Jean ChurchSt. Jean ChurchSt. Jean ChurchSt. Jean Church


  • irembozz
    12.10.2022 14:17

    Güzel manzarası olan, görülesi yer. Giriş 40 tl, müze kartı geçiyor.

  • huseyinatess
    07.12.2022 08:44

    Ana yola cok yakin kucuk bir kilise ancak duvar resimleri cok canli ve iyi korunmuş.


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