Cappadocia balloon Tour

Cappadocia balloon Tour

Cappadocia balloon Tour

What it is to go to the Eiffel Tower in Paris has it meaning that is to experience the balloon tour in Cappadocia for Nevşehir Balloon tours you can perform in Cappadocia, is a unique dynamic, achieved more than a visiual experince by feeling. Especially in the summer, the experience adorns the covers of the most famous travel magazines, adorning the balloons that hang the sky; it is probably among the musts of not only Nevşehir, but also the entire Anatolian geography. These tours, where tourists from all over the world are in high demand, are mainly accompanied by a professional team that undertakes tasks related to the preparation, promotion and download of balloons. Balloons are fired, inflated, accompanied by inspections; Security is at the top level in a nutshell! Of course, the weather conditions need to be suitable for a balloon tour. In case of adverse weather conditions, tours do not take place even on summer days. According to the latest data, there are over 100 balloons serving at the tourist spot. Each balloon carries an average of 20 people a day. In this context, it is recommended to make an early reservation based on the days when the interest is intense. The activity is quite rich. It is based on a strong sense of service in the departures and landings of the ceremonial atmosphere. When you go high, photos can be taken, enjoying the unique scenery. ,The tour, which starts in the early hours of the morning, continues in the air almost for an hour. The process is completed in a total of three hours, with transportation, take-off and landing ahead.

Cappadocia balloon Tour Cappadocia balloon Tour Cappadocia balloon Tour Cappadocia balloon Tour


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    Fiyatları çok Yükesek ama gündoğumunu balonda izlemek çok keyif verici 😊

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