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Sleep Valley

Sleep Valley

For those who want to take a nice walk, the choice in Muğla is usually the Valley of Sleep. Located in the shade of lush trees, the Valley welcomes many visitors throughout the year. Sleep Valley, one of the most special natural beauties of the city, is also very close to İncirli cave. Another name of this cave is Gökçeler cave. Gökçeler is also the name of the village here.

Sleep Valley is located in Milas district and is very close to Milas Airport. After the airport, it is possible to reach the valley by making an 11 kilometre journey. According to the stories, rich Jewish villagers lived in this region during the Ottoman period.

Sleep Valley promises many activities to its visitors. When you get here, you'll find a great hiking trail. Sleep Valley and Hamza Bey stream are neighbors. This area is quite convenient for trekking. On the other hand, you can taste the trout, which is very famous in the region, and explore the fish restaurants in the region.

Breakfast venues have also become common in the region. As the name implies, you may encounter a large number of squirrels. There is also an uninterrupted streamlet in the Valley. Next to the streamlet, the cave covers an area of approximately 500 meters. A special bat gallery is located at the entrance to the cave as there are so many bats living here.

There are two options for entering Sleep Valley: the first one is to follow the stream where the trout farm is located. For another road, approximately 2 kilometers of vehicle road should be followed. Those who choose this path have to perform a 300-meter descent. When you go down into the valley, the mouth of the cave will meet you. The region is often flooded with professional cavers and athletes. The number of people entering the water in the area where the creek is located is not small.

Sleep ValleySleep ValleySleep ValleySleep Valley


  • gunessygz
    09.12.2022 06:36

    Doğası çok güzel. 10 yıldır giderim hep aynı.


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