Shahidi Mosque

Shahidi Mosque

Shahidi Mosque

There are many mosques in Muğla that defy history. Shahidi mosque is one of the most important historical mosques in Mugla.

Shahidi mosque is located in Camikebir District. In the area of the mosque, which offers examples of Ottoman architecture, there was a Masjid built by Sheikh Seyif Kemaleddin in earlier periods. This dervish convent is estimated to have been built in 1390. The space, which ages and wears out over time, undergoes a large-scale repair and is expanded. Thus, the main building of the mosque is uncovered and restored to its present form. Haji Osman Agha plays an active role in the process of repairing the dervish convent and converting it into a mosque. This process takes place in 1848.

The shrines belonging to Sahidi İbrahim’ father and grandfather, are located exactly in the hazire(a forbidden area surrounded with fences) of this mosque. On the other hand, the Tomb of Sheikh Seyit Kemalettin, who founded the first Qur'an course, is also located in this area. Shahidi mosque has been repaired many times over time. The largest of these was held in 1869 and 1911. The repair in 1911 has the signature of Sheikh Jamal. The historical mosque is among the most preferred places of worship in Mugla. The episodes in which dervishes performed dhikr in the past period are preserved as they are. In the inscription on the door of the Shahidi mosque, Hacı Osman Agazade El Hacı Mehmet Aga is mentioned.

The exterior architecture of Shahidi mosque is generally considered as small. The atmosphere and ornamental details of the interior are more interesting. The mosque is located on a hill point of the city. Despite this, it is not in a difficult area in terms of transportation. It is believed that the mosque is protected spiritually due to the fact that many important Mevlevi persons lie here. This makes the mosque a place visited throughout the year. Shahidi mosque is still open to worship today and continues to be actively used.

Shahidi MosqueShahidi MosqueShahidi MosqueShahidi Mosque



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