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Saburhane Square

Saburhane Square

Saburhane square, one of the symbol places of Mugla, is located within the boundaries of Menteşe. Located in the eastern part of the city, this special square also has significant value from a tourist point of view. Today, Saburhane is not mentioned in the official records as a neighborhood, but this area, where dozens of streets, inns, arasta(Ottoman Bazaar), mosques and fountains appear, except for 400 houses, was recently declared as an urban site.

The Square takes its name from the prison that was once located in the area. The most important feature that makes Saburhane Square so special and privileged is its architecture and its flamboyant structure. It is known that the Greek and Turkish peoples lived here together for a long time. The dead-end streets, houses with large courtyards, in the square, which stands out with its original architecture, add a different air to the region. These historic streets, with their white-walled, tile-roofed and timber-decorated houses, captivate visitors, are set on a hillside. Although the houses are close together, they do not interfere with their views. Many houses and structures here are protected. These houses, known as Menteşe houses, are always of interest to photographers.

A great migration takes place to the Saburhane region especially in the 19th century. People of Balkan and Cretan origin, who came from the regions where the Ottomans had lost territory at the time, settled here. Since they are usually wealthy people, they brought with them Greek construction masters in those years. In the same way, many doctors and seamstresses settle in Saburhane during this process. The numerical weight of the Greeks continues here for a very long time. The tavern culture formed in Saburhane matures largely during these years. There are many taverns on the street where Zeliha Bath is located. Saburhane is also seen as the center of social life in that period. Today, although a significant number of houses are abandoned, this particular area, which has witnessed many memories, is worth a visit.

Saburhane SquareSaburhane SquareSaburhane SquareSaburhane Square


  • aslidemirr
    28.10.2022 06:30

    Bekle beni saburhane geliyorum :)


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