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Ancient City of Knidos

Ancient City of Knidos

The ancient city of Knidos, located in the Datca District of Mugla, on the shores of the Aegean Sea, was an important region dating back to the 100s BC. The port city on the banks of the azure waters, where many pioneers in fields such as science, art and architecture live, can be visited with its many ruins today.

In Knidos, a city that exported its famous wine to nearby cities, the theatre, which has survived in relatively good condition, is remarkable. Apart from this, the concert hall, the second theatre, the walls, the towers, the city centre, the foundations of the burial chambers and some parts of them stand out. In addition, the sundial made by Eudoxus, an astronomy and mathematics scientist who studied at Plato's Academy, can be examined in detail.

The first statue, made naked, belonged to Aphrodite, who was famous for the beauty of ancient times. The pedestal of this statue, which is a year zero in terms of its period, can be seen closely in the ancient city of Knidos. However, it should be noted that, unfortunately, the legendary statue of Aphrodite has not been found today. Another important work is undoubtedly the Lion of Knidos, made of marble and especially known for its embarrassed facial expression. The grave site where the stunning work, which is now on display at the entrance to the museum in England, was taken from, is of interest.

There is a live dock in front of the city where ships dock. You can also go to sea on the coast. The historical area, which includes open business in the summer period, is waiting to be explored with both its cultural significance and its landscape.

Ancient City of KnidosAncient City of KnidosAncient City of KnidosAncient City of Knidos


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