Hacıkadı House

Hacıkadı House

Hacıkadı House

Hacıkadı(Hajikadi) House, located in the Sheikh District of Muğla, was built in 1875. The construction process of the House continues for approximately five years. Hacıkadı Süleyman Effendi, who gave his name to the house, is also known as the first mayor of Mugla. It is said that he built this house for his wife Pembe (Pink) Hatun and his son Omar Effendi. In fact, the Clock Tower and the Hometown Hospital, which are very important buildings for the city, were also built by him.

Hacıkadı House attracts attention with its original architecture and aesthetic appearance. The place fills the eye with architectural details and is of interest to visitors to the city. Hacıkadı House was repaired by Muğla Governorate in 2004. After about a year of repairs, it reopens to visit. In this sense, this building, which adds value to the city's tourism, is made much more attractive. Both personal and cultural items are exhibited inside the Hacıkadı House. A certain part of this place is now also operated as a café. Hacıkadı Evi, which has a history of about 130 years, also has a very nice garden. Visitors can spend as much time as they wish in this garden area or sit with their loved ones in the restaurant. In this sense, it has been tried to be a social place rather than just a cultural place.

Hacıkadı House is designed as a kind of Museum-House. Inside the house, there is a private Orient corner. This area is joined with Cedars. On the other hand, the luggage storage in the rooms is delivered to the present day in accordance with the original. Hacıkadı House, which is located exactly in Sheikh Mahallesi Mustafa Muğlali Caddesi, has an advantageous position in terms of transportation. It is possible to reach this historic site in the centre by minibus or public buses.

Hacıkadı HouseHacıkadı HouseHacıkadı HouseHacıkadı House


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    Güzel bir yer ama çok fazla bir şey beklemeyin derim.


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