Enver Yalcin Kargi Yörük Museum

Enver Yalcin Kargi Yörük Museum

Enver Yalcin Kargi Yörük Museum

The Enver Yalcin Kargi Yörük Museum in Fethiye, Mugla, offers visitors a sophisticated experience with thousands of pieces of ancestral heirloom tools, agricultural tools, tools and ethnographic items.

The area where the items collected mainly from the villages between Fethiye and Antalya are displayed can be visited for free.

Items in the museum's rooms are positioned on the floor, leaning against walls or hanging. Many objects can be seen on the tables. Because there is also the exhibition of pieces that have been put together as a result of intense efforts in a summer place.

In general, there is an apartment hotel and a food and drink place next to the museum area where the pieces are made of wood by hand. However, it should be noted that the local restaurant serving Yörük breakfast can be busy during the summer months. If you need a short footnote, arabaşı soup(a kind of spicy chicken soup), which is a local flavor, is often preferred later in the day.

The lush green areas around the Enver Yalçın Kargi Yörük Museum, which has rooms with green and elegant views, give visitors the impression of being intertwined with nature.

Enver Yalcin Kargi Yörük MuseumEnver Yalcin Kargi Yörük MuseumEnver Yalcin Kargi Yörük MuseumEnver Yalcin Kargi Yörük Museum


  • melisacubuk
    11.08.2022 06:57

    Kahvaltısı lezzetli bir çok çeşit sunuluyor kendi el yapımı olan ürünler ile sunum yapılıyor. Fiyatları makul Aile işletmesi diyebiliriz…


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