Mor Yakup Monastery

Mor Yakup Monastery

Mor Yakup Monastery

We are in the 1601-year-old monastery of Mardin, one of the few cities of the world with such rich civilization with its diversity of culture and history. It is possible to come across many historical and religious structures especially in Mardin city, which is the capital of Syrians In the past centuries. In Syrians, saints were called 'Mor'. The Mor Yakup Monastery, one of the most prominent buildings in Mardin, home to many Syrian temples, is one of the oldest buildings. It was built in 419 DC in the name of St. Jacob. Built on a sanctuary from the Persian Empire, this monastery bears traces from every page of the history book. As of its location, with its structure that brings together Mesopotamia and Anatolian civilizations it is believed that it was first handed out healing because it was built on behalf of St. Jacob, who is famous for healing the monastic patients. In the 8th century, this monastery, which was the metropolitical center and the Patriarchate of the Turabdin region in the 14th century, was used as an active sanctuary open to worship until World War I. After the war, the place remained vacant until 1965, and was re-appointed as a monastery by Yakup Tekin Bishop Mor Iyawennis Efrem Bilgic. Mor Yakup Monastery, which has not been destroyed by the past centuries, stands as if it were the door to a different universe alone; It is one of the places that increases the religious and cultural tourism of Mardin.

Mor Yakup MonasteryMor Yakup MonasteryMor Yakup Monastery


  • zehraavarolx
    12.08.2022 07:27

    Mardin'de gezi rotanızı eklemeniz gereken buram buram tarih kokan değerli bir ibadet merkezi

  • furkanakay
    05.07.2022 08:11

    Kilise görevlisi dünyadaki ilk üniversite burası olduğunu söyledi. Eğer doğruysa çok önemli bir yer.


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