Mardin Museum

Mardin Museum

Mardin Museum

The building, which has been transformed from the Syrian Catholic Patriarchate into today's Mardin Museum, is one of the most popular architectures of the city. The today’s architectural building, built by The Patriarch of Antioch Ignatios Behnam Banni as an Syrian Catholic Patriarchate in 1895 was taken from the Syrian Catholic Foundation by the Ministry of Culture in 2000. The building was restored in the same year and opened to the public as Mardin Museum. The museum has architectural features in traditional Mardin houses and is three storeys with a 'U' planned towards the southern part of the city. Located to the east of the museum, the Church of the Virgin Mary is actively used by the city's Christians for worship. The Mardin Museum, which has a very large collection, exhibits archaeological discoveries from many civilizations, from Artuklu to Byzantine, Syrian to Anatolian Seljuk State. The museum, which also includes souvenirs and educational halls, in a way can be considered an interactive art school. This interactive museum, which has a wide range of training scales, from coin printing to root paint printing, marbling art to ceramic processing, is one of the most frequent destinations for all tourists coming to the city. The Mardin Museum, which features exhibition spaces consisting of Archaeological Excavations Hall, Faith Hall, Hall of Commerce, Living Hall and Fake Works Hall, as well as a museum administrative building and residency library, is a bridge acts that delivers thousands of years of history to the present day.

Mardin MuseumMardin MuseumMardin MuseumMardin Museum


  • zehraavarolx
    12.08.2022 07:03

    Mezopotamya uygarlıklarına ait eserlerin sergilendiği ve Mardin tarihinin detaylı şekilde anlatıldığı değerli bir yer. Müze kart geçerli

  • huseyinatess
    17.12.2022 16:55

    Müze , Eski Mardin'e yer alıyor. Müze kartınız varsa ücretsiz girebiliyorsunuz

  • irembozz
    25.08.2022 07:32

    Mardin müzesi , Mardin'e gidenleri kesinlik uğraması gereken müthiş bir müze. 1000 lerci yıllık tarih itinalı yapılan kazılar sonucu bulunarak insanların beğenisine sunulmuş


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