Kasımiye Madrasah

Kasımiye Madrasah

Kasımiye Madrasah

The Madrasah of Kasımiye, which has survived to the present day by preserving its glory on the first day, is a magnificent work that brings together the cultures of Artuklu and Akkoyunlu. Although Artuklus started the construction of The Madrasah of Mardin in 1457, the work was completed by Ruler Cihangiroğlu Kasım 1502 during the Akkoyunlu period. It has a domed, two-storey, open and single courtyard structure. The Magnificent Madrasah, which is quite magnificent from an architectural point of view, maintains its first-day version with the cutting stones used in its construction. The structure, which has been challenging time for 518 years without having almost any damage, is frequented by Mardin tourists with its mystical atmosphere and glory. Of course, there are many rumors about such an old and majestic structure that reach the present day. It seems that Kasım Pasha completing the construction of the madrasah, is killed here and his sister rubs his brother's bloody shirt on the walls of The Madrasah of Kasım with laments. Since then, in every time water is poured into the walls, the traces of Kasım Pasha's unjustly spilled blood hundreds of years ago are traces. It's up to you whether you believe the story or not, but the truth is that the Kasımiye Madrasah offers tourists an incredibly different atmosphere with its powerful architecture and mystical atmosphere.

Kasımiye MadrasahKasımiye MadrasahKasımiye MadrasahKasımiye Madrasah


  • Yusuf Islam
    23.08.2021 11:54

    çok güzel bir ambiyansı ve tarihi var

  • guvenylmz
    19.07.2022 06:54

    Günümüze kadar mükemmel yapısıyla ayakta kalabilen medresenin yapımı Artuklu Dönemi’nde başlanmış


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