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Shems-i Tebrizi Tomb and Mosque

Shems-i Tebrizi Tomb and Mosque

We've come to the one who presents one of the most beautiful examples of spiritual love. This is the tomb of Shems-i Tebrizi, which managed to reach the love of God with Mevlana Jaladleddin Rumi... Born in Tebriz, the territory where the Iranian state is today, Shems takes its name from the sun, which, just like itself, has life energy and light around it... The sun means shems and Shems from Tebriz carries this existing himself until the last moments of his life. Shems, which adds a beauty to every life he touches, is also the best ally of Mevlana. The duo Shems and Mevlana, who were comrades immediately after their meeting, dediquated themselves to the philosophy of Masnavi. The devotion and love of these two friends who complement each other is so great that Shems, who made Mevlana what he is, is known as Mevlana makes Shems. Then shems realizes himself that he will make the trip to his own self more easily in the absence of his friend and goes. The philosophy path created by Shems-i Tebrizi and Mevlana Jalaleddin Rumi based on the religious teachings of Islam still attracts great attention today. Although there are many rumors about Shems' death, his body is considered to be in this shrine. Located just east of the hill, in The Aladdin Hill of Konya, the shrine continues to live a life integrated with the name of its owner hundreds of years after its death. The tomb of Shems, which greets the sun every morning from Aladdin Hill, also has an important place in terms of faith tourism. Shems-i Tebrizi Tomb, which is one of the frequent destinations of tourists coming to Konya, is one of the most visited places in the city. The tomb, which impresses explorers with its various stance and simplicity, bears traces of the classical Seljuk architectural period. The structure, is shaped like a cupola, also provides integrity with its dome consisting of lead on the roof.

Shems-i Tebrizi Tomb and MosqueShems-i Tebrizi Tomb and MosqueShems-i Tebrizi Tomb and Mosque



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