Nasreddin Hodja Tomb

Nasreddin Hodja Tomb

Nasreddin Hodja Tomb

We stand with Nasreddin Hodja, who tried to add yeast in the lake, claimed the kettle to have given birth and climbed on the donkey reversly. Nasreddin Hodja's stories, which has a separate philosophical thought in each of his ones, which can be described as a laugh, his tomb has a cheerful architecture like himself. Although the tombs and graves lead their visitors to their thoughts, Nasreddin Hodja's cause a smile on faces. There are generations who can think while laughing because of his stories... He is the one who makes philosophy loved by Turkish youth. From a distance, the tomb, which looks like an Ottoman classical architectural example, is almost cheeres as you go near it. The green-colored cone-shaped roof section and the tomb, which encompasses every beam of light of the sun with its 10 separate openings, provide integrity with the lush trees around it. Nasrettin Hodja Tomb, which greets its visitors through walk furnished with screeful stone, makes people smile with both its architecture and the vividness of their colors. Another important feature of the work is the inscription in which the history of death is written reversly in order to describe Nasrettin Hodja's philosophical humor. Here, the year of death was 386, which was 683 (1284) using the Hijri Calendar. As long as you leave joyful memories behind you, the tomb, stands as an indicator that death has no meaning, greets everyone with the grave of the most important name in the history of Turkish humor...

Nasreddin Hodja TombNasreddin Hodja TombNasreddin Hodja Tomb


  • irembozz
    05.07.2022 07:33

    Hem eğlenceli hem maneviyatı olan güzel bir belde. Maneviyatı yüksek bir türbe.

  • zeynpbalcii
    11.08.2022 07:55

    Fıkralarıyla büyüdüğümüz Nasreddin Hoca, kendisine yakışır mütevazı ve bakımlı bir türbeydi


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