Nasreddin Hodja Humor Park

Nasreddin Hodja Humor Park

Nasreddin Hodja Humor Park

Nasreddin Hodja Humor Park, which was built to respect the memory of Nasrettin Hodja, who has been smiling with his clever jokes and intelligence in Turkish literature, is an indication of his deep commitment to the history of the people of Konya and its municipality. Nasreddin Hodja, who was born in Sivrihisar in 1208, is one of the names that exemplifies both Turkish literature and young people with his humorous approach and witty feature. Hodja, who came to Konya for his education, spends all his remaining life in Akşehir. Nasreddin Hodja, who died here, is buried in one of the oldest tombs of the Anatolian Seljuk State. By 1959, Konya Municipality will start a festival for Nasreddin Hodja. The festival, which is celebrated every year between July 5 th and 10th, is attended by important figures from all over the world in the field of science, art and literature. Nasreddin Hodja Humor Park, which is very close to the tomb where it is buried, is the first stop after the explorers have visited the shrine. Nasreddin Hodja Humor Park, which is visited by many local and foreign tourists every year, is a very cheerful place where visitors leave with a smile on their faces. After Mevlana's deep philosophy, Nasreddin Hodja's sweet words have a place that affects all explorers of Konya.

Nasreddin Hodja Humor ParkNasreddin Hodja Humor ParkNasreddin Hodja Humor ParkNasreddin Hodja Humor Park


  • mustafaalii
    04.07.2022 08:15

    Park içinde Nasrettin hoca masalları ve bu masallara uyum sağlayan heykeller farklı ve hoş bir atmosfer:)


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