80 Binde De Devr-i Alem Park

80 Binde De Devr-i Alem Park

22.02.2021 00:18

80 Binde Devr-İ Alem Park, which was opened in 2014 in Meram district of Konya, gives a pleasant experience for families and children. Devr-i Alem Park in 80 Thousand, which is the first in terms of concept structure in Turkey, stands out with its width and modern understanding design. 80 Binde Devr-i Alem Park consists of three parts: 'T-Rex Park', 'Cotton Candy Park' and 'Cihan-ı Turkish Park'. Each section with their different content structure and architecture allows everyone, young or old to have fun moments when they come to visit. The part, dubbed 'T-Rex Park', eerie sounds of moving dinosaur models can be heard. The high level sounds of dinosaurs, as it bereal, cause to feel like you’re on the movie set. There are also resting areas in the park, which has 50 different models. It's a pleasure to explore models of endangered dinosaurs millions of years ago and take pictures. The other part is 'Cotton Candy Park', where the children can see giant models of fairy tale heroes on the basis of a positive contribution to their imagination. Finally, the 'Cihan-ı Turkish Park' has miniatures of more than 100 architectural buildings that are culturally valuable.
80 Binde De Devr-i Alem Park80 Binde De Devr-i Alem Park80 Binde De Devr-i Alem Park80 Binde De Devr-i Alem Park


  • zeynpbalcii
    11.08.2022 08:16

    Dinazor maketleri, masal karakterleri, minyatürler, güzel düşünülmüş ve tasarlanmış ailecek keyifli vakit geçirdik

  • onw8WI5n
    14.08.2022 19:00

    Oldukça keyifli biryer. Çocuklar çok beğendi


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