Inebolu Turkish Centre Building

Inebolu Turkish Centre Building

Inebolu Turkish Centre Building

The historic building, which was built in 1893 as private property and used for a wide variety of purposes, was used in 1919 as the building where the National Struggle activities in Inebolu were organized as Inebolu Youth Rendezvous. The architecture of the historical structure has been created from a very wide angle. There is place for a total of four shops on the ground floor of the building. The upper floor has a concrete staircase affected by late architecture. It consists of sofa and rooms connected to sofa on the upper floors. Inebolu Turkish Centre Building has historical value as well as its architectural properties. The first speech of the Hat and Clothing Revolution, which was carried out by The Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk to bring our country to the level of modern civilizations, was read in this building. Ataturk personally addressed the people from this building on August 27, 1925. Inebolu Turkish Centre Building, which many people call 'Ataturk Museum', has been welcoming visitors for 14 years.

Inebolu Turkish Centre BuildingInebolu Turkish Centre BuildingInebolu Turkish Centre BuildingInebolu Turkish Centre Building


  • furkanakay
    29.08.2022 06:55

    Tarih kokan Inebolu'nun en önemli noktası burası. Kurtuluş Savaşı zamanında muhimmat naklinde görev almış kayakçıların da kulandığı aynı zamanda Atatürk'un şapka devrimini açıkladığı mekan. Mutlaka ziyaret edilmeli. Istiklal Madalyalı tek ilce Gazi Inebolu'nu iki müzesinden biri

  • aleynaayenerr
    16.08.2022 07:23

    Mustafa Kemal Atatürk'ün İnebolu ziyaretinde Şapka Nutku'nu yaptığı binadır. Hem tarihi hem içeriğiyle görülmesi gereken yerlerden biri


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