Hazrat Pir Sheikh Sabani Veli Complex

Hazrat Pir Sheikh Sabani Veli Complex

22.02.2021 00:18

The complex has witnessed the history of the Black Sea for 500 years built by Suca Efendi, the teacher of Sultan Murad III in the name of Hazrat Sheikh Saban Veli, one of the most important clerics raised by the Ottoman Empire. Sheikh Saban Veli Hazrat, born in 1497 in Tasköprü district, is one of the most important clerics of the period who has proven himself in the knowledge of the Quran, interpretation and hadith sciences. Sheik, who grew up both orphans and orphans, takes science lessons in many places along in his life. Sheikh, who completed his education at fatih Madrasas in Istanbul, deserves the appreciation of ottoman ulema, especially with his dignity and diligence. When Hazrat Sheikh Saban died. Murad's III Teacher Suca Efendi builds a complex in his name. It consists of a fountain called Asa Water, dergah houses, mosque, library, tomb and sadirvan. 'The tomb’s stone is also referred to as mecca and its water is like to Zamzam Hz. Pir Sheikh Sabani Veli Complex... Indeed, due to the stone and rocky structure around the complex walls are like Mecca’s walls, for the same reason, water flowing from Asa Water is like zamzam. The architectural history of the complex is as follows: Dergah houses are by Suca Efendi, today the museum building in the middle and two houses are built by Mahmut Pasha of Azdavay. Although the mosque was built by Seyyid Sunnah Efendi, Suca Efendi expands the structure and restores it to its present state. Although the tomb section is started to be built by Sultan Osman, it is completed by Ulema Omer Kethüda and the people at the request of the people. The library is built simultaneously with the shrine.
Hazrat Pir Sheikh Sabani Veli Complex Hazrat Pir Sheikh Sabani Veli Complex Hazrat Pir Sheikh Sabani Veli Complex Hazrat Pir Sheikh Sabani Veli Complex


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